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V-cube provides "Emergency Countermeasure Solution" to NTT East [PDF](173KB)
V-cube Provides "Emergency Countermeasure Solution" for the Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Information System of Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture [PDF](127KB)
V-cube provides “V-CUBE Video SDK” to Fan Community App "Fanicon” [PDF](151KB)
V-cube installs "Telecube" at ANA lounge in Haneda Airport and starts trial [PDF](204KB)
V-cube was adopted for the GREE's First Fully Online Shareholders' Meeting [PDF](198KB)
V-cube Provides "EventIn" for JFCC Research Results Presentation Meeting in 2021 [PDF](142KB)
V-cube was adopted for the Attendance-Type Virtual Shareholders’ Meeting of Kyushu Electric Power [PDF](175KB)
V-cube has been adopted for the nationwide expansion of "Scaffolding Safety Consulting" service for temporary scaffolding provided by SUGIKO [PDF](151KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booths “Telecube” at Yodoyabashi and Kyobashi Stations starting September 1st (Wed.),2021 [PDF](206KB)
V-cube launches “Touchcast”, a virtual space event platform that provides an immersive and realistic participation experience like a real event [PDF](473KB)
V-cube provided "EventIn" for online joint company information sessions hosted by universities [PDF](103KB)
V-cube realized a hybrid of real and online event with “EventIn” at ”ShowNet” in Japan's largest ICT event “Interop Tokyo 2021” [PDF](399KB)
V-cube was adopted for the Attendance-Type Virtual Shareholders’ Meeting of Z Holdings Corporation in anticipation of holding fully online [PDF](178KB)
First Financial Institution to Install a Private Work Booth "Telecube" at the ATM Corner of Minato Bank Himeji Chuo Branch [PDF](226KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booths "Telecube" at Meitetsu Bus Terminal Building, Kanayama Station, Osone Station, and Meitetsu Gifu Station [PDF](248KB)
V-cube was adopted for the on-line holding of “Developers Summit”, a large-scale conference for IT engineers, increasing the number of participants by 1.5 times and enabling 2-way communication exchanges [PDF](141KB)
Telecube, Inc. has installed a movable booth "Telecube" in the common area of a specified apartment house as the first attempt in Japan [PDF](181KB)
V-cube Launches "Virtual Only Shareholders' Meeting Distribution Service" [PDF](162KB)
V-cube has provided Private Work Booths “Telecube” at the Satellite Offices Established by NTT DATA in Response to the New Normal [PDF](200KB)
V-cube acquires the Ownership of Xyvid, an Event DX Company in U.S.A [PDF](155KB)
One Year After the First Emergency Declaration, Survey Results on the "After" of Full-Scale Telework [PDF](753KB)
More than 80 percent of people wish to have online event after COVID 19 Convergence [PDF](576KB)
Introduction of Special Paid Leave System for the COVID 19 Vaccination [PDF](95KB)
V-cube Supported More Than 20 Hybrid Virtual Shareholders' Meeting during January to March 2021 [PDF](240KB)
V-cube will open a studio dedicated to distributing online seminars and events, “PLATINUM STUDIO” in Shirokane-Takanawa [PDF](400KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booth “Telecube” at JR Shin-Osaka Station and JR Osaka Station [PDF](395KB)
V-cube Provides “EventIn” to the Joint Recruiting Session for 169 Companies Held by Kitakyushu City through a Hybrid Way of Real and Online [PDF](316KB)
Telecube Services Starts “Weekend Learning Support Campaign” at a Special-Rate to Support Self-development and Enhancement of Learning Opportunities on Weekends [PDF](381KB)
Telecube Services Starts a demonstration trial of "Your Private Video Studio" using high-quality AI camera [PDF](321KB)
V-cube Promotes Carbon Offset and Declares 100% Renewable Energy Conversion of All Electricity Consumed in Business Activities by 2025 [PDF](143KB)
Telecube Services Collaborate with Seikei University in Support of Online Interviews for Students Using Private Work Booth "Telecube" [PDF](396KB)
“Telecube” will be installed for the first time in a newly built condominium in Tokai area [PDF](225KB)
Telecube services will install private work booth,” Telecube" at JR Takatsuki Station, JR Amagasaki Station, JR Osaka Station, and JR Shin-Osaka Station [PDF](306KB)
V-cube provides a Helmet Attachment for Realwear Corporation’s Smart Glass for free at the request of customers who have implemented a Remote Work Support Solution [PDF](274KB)
V-cube Provides “V-CUBE service” to The Association of Prefectural Governors [PDF](411KB)
IEICE held a Symposium utilizing "Solution for Academic Societies" using online event platform, “EventIn” provided by V-cube [PDF](300KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booth "Telecube" for Telework at Tsukuba Express Station and commercial facilities [PDF](522KB)
V-cube Selected as the one of Best Companies in the Mid-Size Division in the 2021 “Great Place to Work Ranking” [PDF](286KB)
Telecube, Inc. Launches “TELECUBE ENTRY”, a New Model for Private Work Booth "TELECUBE" [PDF](272KB)
Telecube services started demonstration trial of “Telecube linked hotel”, a telework service for guest rooms using the reservation system of private work booth “Telecube” [PDF](442KB)
Expand use of “Telecube” throughout eastern Japan area for JR East's “STATION WORK” [PDF](394KB)
V-cube provides a video audio transmission and reception system for on-line recording of TV programs using “V-CUBE Video SDK” to “Science Stadium 2020”, an event sponsored by NHK [PDF](252KB)
Telecube Services launched an online sales support package optimized for life insurance sales in response to growing telework needs [PDF](402KB)
Alps Alpine and Telecube Services start Demonstration Tests on Recruitment Activities Using Telecube [PDF](307KB)
V-cube launches B to B marketing comprehensive support service “GAX” [PDF](341KB)
V-cube will strengthen the administrative functions of Web conferencing service for online sales “V-CUBE Sales Plus” [PDF](296KB)


As the first installation in a convenience store, Private Work Booth "Telecube" is installed at Seven-Eleven Iidabashi Masumoto Building Store [PDF](220KB)
Private work booth "Telecube" is installed at 4 facilities in Futamatagawa and Mitsukyo along the Sagami Railway [PDF](347KB)
Telecube Services and Japan Preventive Medical Pharmacist will conduct a demonstration trial of healthcare consulting services by pharmacists who do not recommend medicines [PDF](256KB)
V-cube adopted as the “Joint Experiment on Utilization of Local 5G for Realization of Smart Factories” by NTT West and Hibiki Seiki [PDF](306KB)
V-cube Launched Online Event Platform “EventIn” [PDF](382KB)
Telecube services installed private work booth "Telecube" at Ome City Hall for the first time as an administrative facility [PDF](342KB)
Telecube services started demonstration experiments of new video distribution services for recovery from fatigue due to telework [PDF](562KB)
V-cube has been adopted as GREE’s Virtual Shareholders’ Meeting [PDF](376KB)
V-cube and vacances developed “Telecube Home”, a Luxury Remote Booth that is easy to work in a home [PDF](351KB)
“Telecube Web-Conference Center” opened in Marunouchi and Toyosu , with a comfortable, soundproof private work booth [PDF](793KB)
V-cube provides “Telecube” to expand JR East's Shared Office Business, “STATION WORK” [PDF](396KB)
Telecube Services Co.,Ltd. installed "Telecube", private work booth at 3 stations, Keisei Funabashi Station, Nippori Station, and Keisei Makuhari Hongo Station [PDF](447KB)
V-cube provides "Emergency Countermeasures Solutions" for the fire-fighting command system of Haga Area Fire Department (Tochigi Prefecture) [PDF](235KB)
“Telecube”, private work booth installed at the Dai Nagoya Building, which is the first in Tokai area [PDF](424KB)
V-cube provided “Telecube” for “STATION WORK”, a station shared office that JR East expanded at Kawaguchi Station in July 2020 [PDF](378KB)
V-cube links up a web conferencing service for online sales, "V-CUBE Sales Plus" with Salesforce [PDF](244KB)
V-cube provides a web conferencing service for online sales, “V-CUBE Sales Plus” free of charge until September 30, 2020 [PDF](248KB)
V-cube starts offering packages for local governments for the Post-Corona Era [PDF](210KB)
V-cube provides service collaboration with Shanon to support implementation of online seminars for companies [PDF](182KB)
V-cube's “V-CUBE Video SDK”, which enables easily to incorporate online video communication functions and to adapt in-house services and real events, exceeded a record high [PDF](291KB)
Telecube services installed private work booth “Telecube” at Nanki Shirahama Airport [PDF](567KB)
Business Alliance between Yamaguchi Financial Group and V-cube [PDF](298KB)
V-cube collaborates with iStudy and CAICA to develop an on-line educational business in Southeast Asia [PDF](149KB)
V-cube, Capital Medica, and Care Net Started offering free of charge “Limited-time Online Outpatient Agency Services” to medical institutions from April 20 [PDF](403KB)
V-cube and Asteria Promote "Virtual Shareholders' Meeting" [PDF](318KB)
Significant enhancement of “V-CUBE Meeting” infrastructures for web conferencing services with a view to expanding corporate business continuity through telework [PDF](230KB)
In 2019 V-cube achieved No.1 share in the domestic web conferencing market for 13 consecutive years [PDF](247KB)
V-cube provides “Telecube” to station shared office “STATION WORK” which JR East Railway will open in 5 locations this spring [PDF](245KB)
Notice of the Trial Operation for the Realization of a Hybrid Virtual Shareholder Meeting at the 20th Ordinary Shareholder Meeting [PDF](151KB)
V-cube provides "Emergency Countermeasure Solution" as the security headquarters information system developed to prepare for fires and disasters by Saitama City Fire Department [PDF](308KB)
V-cube established “Telework Navi” which solves any QUESTIONS related to Telework [PDF](294KB)
Telecube services completed the whole antibacterial coating of “Telecube” for all cabinets [PDF](433KB)
Sales of “V-CUBE Meetings” through Sourcenext's sales channels [PDF](238KB)
V-cube started free provision of web conferencing service "V-CUBE Sales Plus" for "online sales" free of charge [PDF](145KB)
Collaboration with Sourcenext in the Telework Solutions Field [PDF](141KB)
V-Cube starts a consultation desk for “Business Continuity Emergency Measures (Telework) Subsidy” by Tokyo Metropolitan Government [PDF](233KB)
V-cube Launches Low-Cost, High-Quality, Own-Brand Camera and Microphone-speaker "V-CUBE Device" [PDF](228KB)
Telecube Services introduced a Private Work Booth “Telecube” to the 4 Hankyu Hanshin Group Facilities (office buildings and commercial facilities) for the first time in Kansai area [PDF](340KB)
V-cube launches remote access for secure access to internal data during telework in conjunction with web conferencing [PDF](145KB)
V-cube collaborates with LIFULL HOME'S to support free provision of "On-line Consultation/On-line Property Tours/IT Important Matter Explanation" services [PDF](283KB)
V-cube began offering web-conferencing service, “V-CUBE Meeting” free of charge to educational institutions and other non-profit organizations [PDF](228KB)
V-cube started offering Remote Work Support Solutions that fully links NETIS registered “V-CUBE Collaboration” with Realwear's Smart Glass [PDF](270KB)
V-cube started offering “Krisp” free of charge to solve problems of audio and other noises to all web conferences at Telework [PDF](230KB)
Telecube Services will implement whole antibacterial coating of “Telecube” in collaboration with Delfinocare, which complied with SIAA standards [PDF](291KB)
V-cube strengthens Online Live Distribution Services as ECP service that can implement cancelled or postponed events due to concerns about Infectious Diseases [PDF](287KB)
V-cube provides "V-CUBE Video SDK" which can easily develop low-delay, large-scale delivery systems to DC7 online crane games [PDF](232KB)
V-cube launches a special distribution service “SCP” (*1) to support Shareholder Meetings that might not be held or participated in due to concerns about infectious diseases [PDF](229KB)
V-cube added lineup to subscription model of private work booth, “Telecube" for office installation [PDF](251KB)
V-cube publishes the guidelines for work style reform and telework promotion and opens a telework consultation desk with the aim of supporting companies considering the introduction of telework [PDF](147KB)
Telecube Services and Spacee formed a business alliance with the aim of improving the convenience of remote work for more than 250,000 members [PDF](512KB)


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Announcement regarding Executive Appointments [PDF](80KB)
V-cube and QUMU partner in Japan and APAC region for Enterprise Video [PDF](164KB)
V-cube Signs Joint-Project Deal with BMC from Kolkata to Develop Smart City in India [PDF](251KB)
Logitech International and V-cube Form Strategic Alliance [PDF](181KB)
Gakken Medical Shujunsha Co., Ltd. Integration V-CUBE as infrastructure for new Indonesia education project [PDF](182KB)
V-cube achieves No.1 Web Conference Market Share in Japan 9 Years consecutively [PDF](132KB)
V-cube begins offering of “FinTech Adaptor” for financial sector and Fintech service provider [PDF](165KB)
V-cube’s partnership with the largest Web Conference service provider in India, INTELLISYS-presentation slide [PDF](1MB)
V-cube’s partnership with the largest Web Conference service provider in India, INTELLISYS [PDF](174KB)


Announcement of Tender offer for System Technology-i Co., Ltd. and the Capital and Business Alliance (Presentation material) [PDF](7MB)
Announcement of Acquisition of Wizlearn Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Presentation material) [PDF](8MB)
Announcement of Change of our Stock Market Listing to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


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