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Notice of Results of Solicitation for Buyout Package, Extraordinary Loss and Revision of Full-Year Earnings Forecast [PDF](120KB)
Nationwide coverage of Disaster Prevention DX is now 55% V-cube's Solutions Introduced in 26 Prefectures [PDF](346KB)
“V-CUBE Seminar GPT” utilizing GPT, a natural language processing AI, is adopted at a seminar hosted by Hitachi Solutions Group [PDF](157KB)
Participation in the "Asset Management Campus" Demonstration Project, a Financial Education Learning Program for High School Students Using Metaverse [PDF](258KB)
V-cube Achieves No.1 Share in Number of Online Shareholders' Meetings Support [PDF](189KB)
FY2023.Q2 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](3MB)
V-Cube launches EV charging facility installation support service for corporate customers [PDF](111KB)
FY2023.Q2 Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](2MB)
Notice of Differences between Business Forecasts and Actual Results, Revisions of Full-Year Business Forecasts and Dividend Forecasts [PDF](105KB)
Notice of Management Rationalization and Extraordinary Loss due to Solicitation of Buyout Package, etc. and Return of Executive Compensation [PDF](66KB)
FY2023.Q2 Financial Results [PDF](260KB)
The total number of Telecube units installed exceeded 20,000, and won the No. 1 share in the corporate private booth market [PDF](176KB)
“Pharma Digital Communication Summit” to Explore the Value Provided and Utilization Potential of Digital and AI through Cutting-edge Case Studies to be Held on July 24 [PDF](231KB)
Next-Generation Live Streaming and Calling Service “V-CUBE Communication Platform” Enhanced Functions to Maximize Revenue through Data Analysis of Customer Behavior [PDF](322KB)
The first anniversary of the opening of “ROYAL STUDIO”, a studio dedicated to online seminar and event delivery at Dojima Avanza in Osaka [PDF](393KB)
MUFG Bank and Telecube collaborate! Launch of online asset management consultation service in private booths [PDF](253KB)
Installed “Telecube”, a soundproof private booth, in the employee lounge of “Cocoon City”, a commercial area in front of Saitama-Shintoshin Station [PDF](216KB)
V-cube Provides “Agora”, a Video Call and Live Streaming SDK for “cluster”, Mataverse Platform [PDF](183KB)
FY2023.Q1 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](2MB)
V-Cube starts offering “Beginner Plan” for its “Telecube” subscription service for corporate customers [PDF](212KB)
FY2023.Q1 Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](2MB)
FY2023.Q1 Financial Results [PDF](165KB)
V-CUBE Collaboration & Communication Map, Completed a Demonstration experiment in video communication during disasters at “YOKOHAMA Hack!” operated by Yokohama City [PDF](313KB)
Notice of the Establish of a New Company to Manage Domestic and International Event DX Business together on a Global Scale [PDF](89KB)
V-cube Launches “Zoom Phone”, a Cloud-based Phone Service [PDF](153KB)
V-cube Launches XR Option for Virtual Shareholders’ Meeting Service [PDF](201KB)
Telecube Services collaborated with “+PLACE” provided by JR West [PDF](220KB)
Wrapping to “Telecube”, a private work booth, Started offering an advertising plan that allows for the provision of products and services indoors [PDF](292KB)
“PROJECT G”, a business contest led by high school students Jointly hosted by V-cube and Gujo City Regional ICT Club Council [PDF](259KB)
Notice on the Policy for Determining Directors' Remuneration [PDF](83KB)
“Nescafé Excella & Telecube Bouncy Feeling Box ♪” Opening in Marunouchi on April 11 (Tue.) for a limited time only [PDF](448KB)
V-cube Launches “V-CUBE Seminar GPT”, utilizing GPT, a Natural Language Processing AI for V-CUBE Seminar [PDF](275KB)
V-cube and POCKETALK collaborate in the field of event solutions [PDF](150KB)
Amendments of “Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2022” [PDF](175KB)
Notice of Convocation of the 23rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders [PDF](218KB)
Notice on the finalization of the details of the issuance of Stock Acquisition Rights (Paid Stock Options and Free Stock Options) [PDF](89KB)
Amendments of “Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2022” [PDF](167KB)
Notice on Transition to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee, Change of Executives and Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation [PDF](126KB)
Announcement regarding Dividend from Retained Earnings [PDF](87KB)
Working styles change under the COVID19, the top expectations for offices in the age of hybrid working is “Improve productivity” and “Increase employee engagement” [PDF](469KB)
Notice on the company split (simple absorption-type split) for the purpose of acquiring the “EVEMON” business, which enhances engagement at internal events [PDF](128KB)
Telecube Services expands its installation area nationwide, exceeding 300 units serviced [PDF](302KB)
Announcement regarding Company Split (Simple Absorption-Type Split) [PDF](118KB)
“Branding Event Conference” to be held on 6 March [PDF](314KB)
FY2022 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](6MB)
Medium-Term Management Plan(2023-2025) [PDF](4MB)
Notice Concerning Issuance of Stock Acquisition Rights (Paid Stock Options and Free Stock Options) [PDF](105KB)
Announcement regarding Extraordinary Losses and Differences between Forecasts and Actual Results, and Revision of Dividend Forecast [PDF](106KB)
FY2022 Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](734KB)
(Progress of Disclosure) Announcement regarding Acquisition of Xyvid, Inc. and Borrowing of Funds [PDF](98KB)
FY2022 Financial Results [PDF](204KB)
Opened “People Success Site” to introduce the people, initiatives, thoughts, and culture of V-cube, a company that aims for “People Success” for all [PDF](243KB)