IR News

Telecube Lent Free of Charge to Mass Evacuation Shelters Following Noto Peninsula Earthquake for Use in Telemedicine [PDF](193KB)
Telecube installed at Haneda Airport, Expanding airport network by providing 48 units at 10 airports in Japan [PDF](227KB)
(Progress of Disclosure)Notice of Establishment of New Company to Manage Domestic and International Event DX Business and of Change of Trade Name [PDF](91KB)
Joshin Denki, which operates more than 200 "Joshin" electronics stores nationwide, adopts Qumu as its platform for posting and viewing video manuals [PDF](109KB)
Amendments of “Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2023” [PDF](184KB)
Corrections of Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](907KB)
V-cube Conducted FY2023 Shareholders' Meeting with Seminar GPT (transcription of live streaming) and Business Report Videos Using Voice Generative AI [PDF](300KB)
Notice of Plan for Compliance with Listing Maintenance Criteria for Prime Market [PDF](120KB)
Notice Concerning Completion of Payment for the Issuance of New Shares and the 19th Series of Stock Acquisition Rights Through Third-Party Allotment [PDF](41KB)
Notice Concerning Issuing of Shares and Stock Acquisition Rights to Be Issued Through Third Party Allotment [PDF](335KB)
Notice of Convocation of the 24th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders [PDF](318KB)
Notice of Appointment of Executives [PDF](100KB)
FY2023 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](325KB)
Notice of Extraordinary Loss (Impairment Loss), Reversal of Deferred Tax Assets, Difference between Earnings Forecast and Actual Results, Expected Breach of Financial Covenants, and Reduction of Executive Compensation [PDF](57KB)
FY2023 Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](2MB)
V-cube to Open Hybrid Event-Specific Studio in Platinum Studio in Shirokane-Takanawa, Tokyo, on March 1 [PDF](285KB)
FY2023 Financial Results [PDF](328KB)
V-cube Provides EV Charging Infrastructure to Benefit One [PDF](156KB)
"V-CUBE Communication Platform", a Live Streaming and Calling Platform for Improving Fan Engagement, Adopted by "UNIZONE", an e-motorsports Event, and Supporting the League as a Distribution Partner [PDF](577KB)
Telecube Services launches “Telebureau”, a consultation space for customers [PDF](431KB)
V-cube Provides EventIn to KOKODANA's “Group Reflection Service for Students with Disabilities” [PDF](144KB)
Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture, Solves "Competition" for Meeting Rooms with Telecube, the Rapidly Increasing Number of Web Conferencing Meetings [PDF](124KB)
Launch of "Telecabin," an all-weather movable private booth that can also be installed outdoors [PDF](209KB)
“Telecube”, a Soundproof Private Booth, Launches Occupancy Rate Reporting Service [PDF](169KB)