IR News

V-cube Supported More Than 20 Hybrid Virtual Shareholders' Meeting during January to March 2021 [PDF](240KB)
FY2021 First-Quarter Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](3MB)
FY2021.1Q Financial Results presentation slide [PDF](2MB)
FY2021.1Q Financial Results [PDF](114KB)
Announcement regarding Revisions of Consolidated Business Forecast [PDF](150KB)
V-cube will open a studio dedicated to distributing online seminars and events, “PLATINUM STUDIO” in Shirokane-Takanawa [PDF](400KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booth “Telecube” at JR Shin-Osaka Station and JR Osaka Station [PDF](395KB)
V-cube Provides “EventIn” to the Joint Recruiting Session for 169 Companies Held by Kitakyushu City through a Hybrid Way of Real and Online [PDF](316KB)
Telecube Services Starts “Weekend Learning Support Campaign” at a Special-Rate to Support Self-development and Enhancement of Learning Opportunities on Weekends [PDF](381KB)
Telecube Services Starts a demonstration trial of "Your Private Video Studio" using high-quality AI camera [PDF](321KB)
V-cube Promotes Carbon Offset and Declares 100% Renewable Energy Conversion of All Electricity Consumed in Business Activities by 2025 [PDF](143KB)
Telecube Services Collaborate with Seikei University in Support of Online Interviews for Students Using Private Work Booth "Telecube" [PDF](396KB)
“Telecube” will be installed for the first time in a newly built condominium in Tokai area [PDF](225KB)
Announcement regarding Repurchase Status and Completion of Repurchase of Treasury Stock [PDF](25KB)
Announcement regarding decision on purchase of Treasury stock (Purchase of treasury stock in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation under Article 165, Paragraph 2 of the Companies Act) [PDF](36KB)
Telecube services will install private work booth,” Telecube" at JR Takatsuki Station, JR Amagasaki Station, JR Osaka Station, and JR Shin-Osaka Station [PDF](306KB)
V-cube provides a Helmet Attachment for Realwear Corporation’s Smart Glass for free at the request of customers who have implemented a Remote Work Support Solution [PDF](274KB)
V-cube Provides “V-CUBE service” to The Association of Prefectural Governors [PDF](411KB)
Announcement regarding Dividend from Retained Earnings [PDF](135KB)
Announcement regarding Prospective Executive Appointments [PDF](55KB)
IEICE held a Symposium utilizing "Solution for Academic Societies" using online event platform, “EventIn” provided by V-cube [PDF](300KB)
Telecube Services will Install Private Work Booth "Telecube" for Telework at Tsukuba Express Station and commercial facilities [PDF](522KB)
V-cube Selected as the one of Best Companies in the Mid-Size Division in the 2021 “Great Place to Work Ranking” [PDF](286KB)
Announcement regarding Resignation of Director and Statutory Auditor, and Appointment of Substitute Auditor [PDF](38KB)
Telecube, Inc. Launches “TELECUBE ENTRY”, a New Model for Private Work Booth "TELECUBE" [PDF](272KB)
FY2020 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](3MB)
FY2020 Financial Results presentation slide [PDF](2MB)
FY2020 Financial Results [PDF](163KB)
Telecube services started demonstration trial of “Telecube linked hotel”, a telework service for guest rooms using the reservation system of private work booth “Telecube” [PDF](442KB)
Expand use of “Telecube” throughout eastern Japan area for JR East's “STATION WORK” [PDF](394KB)
Announcement regarding Revisions of Consolidated Business Forecast and Recording of Extraordinary Losses [PDF](139KB)
V-cube provides a video audio transmission and reception system for on-line recording of TV programs using “V-CUBE Video SDK” to “Science Stadium 2020”, an event sponsored by NHK [PDF](252KB)
Telecube Services launched an online sales support package optimized for life insurance sales in response to growing telework needs [PDF](402KB)
Alps Alpine and Telecube Services start Demonstration Tests on Recruitment Activities Using Telecube [PDF](307KB)
Announcement regarding Dividend from a Consolidated Subsidiary [PDF](141KB)
V-cube launches B to B marketing comprehensive support service “GAX” [PDF](341KB)
V-cube will strengthen the administrative functions of Web conferencing service for online sales “V-CUBE Sales Plus” [PDF](296KB)