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“V-CUBE Communication Platform”, Live Streaming and Calling Platform to Improve Fan Engagement was Introduced for Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2022 New Players Announcement [PDF](210KB)
Soundproof private booth, “Telecube” collaborated with Kao’s “Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask” Offering Teleworkers “Personalized Way to Take a Break” [PDF](632KB)
V-CUBE Collaboration & Communication Map adopted by Yokohama City's “YOKOHAMA Hack!” Start a demonstration experiment in video communication for disasters [PDF](308KB)
Start recruiting collaboration partners utilizing “Telecube”, a soundproof private booth that are being installed in public spaces across the country [PDF](230KB)
FY2022.Q3 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](3MB)
“INTERNAL BRANDING DAY” to be held on November 24 [PDF](354KB)
FY2022.Q3 Financial Results [PDF](152KB)
FY2022.Q3 Financial Results presentation slide [PDF](2MB)
Announced New Model of Work Booth “TELECUBE by OKAMURA” [PDF](304KB)
Announcement regarding Change of Subsidiary (Establishment of New Company) and Start of New Business [PDF](94KB)
Announcement regarding Revisions of Consolidated Business Forecast [PDF](71KB)
Achieved No. 1 Market Share for Online Event and Webinar Distribution Service [PDF](210KB)
Announces “V-CUBE Communication Platform”, a Live Streaming and Calling Platform to Improve Fan Engagement [PDF](209KB)
Sales alliance with ZIKU Inc., a provider of “ZIKU”, Metaverse Event Platform Specializing in BtoB [PDF](292KB)
Invest in Plugo, a company developing EV charging service solutions business, to realize a decarbonized society [PDF](155KB)
“Pharma Metaverse Summit 2022” will be held on September 29 to explore the offering value and utilization potential of the Metaverse through cutting-edge case studies [PDF](196KB)
Telecubes are Newly Installed at Six Tokaido Shinkansen Stations to Improve a Telework Environment [PDF](163KB)
V-cube Released Electronic Blackboard Superimposed and Video Distribution Function, which is Industry's First and Patent Pending, for “V-CUBE Collaboration”, a Remote On-site Support System [PDF](232KB)
FY2022.Q2 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](4MB)
FY2022.Q2 Financial Results presentation slide [PDF](3MB)
FY2022.Q2 Financial Results [PDF](246KB)
“ROYAL STUDIO”, a studio dedicated to online seminar and event delivery, reopens in Dojima Avanza, Osaka [PDF](321KB)
5th Anniversary of the Launch of the Soundproof Private Booth “Telecube” [PDF](241KB)
Telecube and Nestlé Launch “Healthy Body and Mind Project” [PDF](291KB)
Invest in CHARGE+, an EV Charging Solution Provider with the Aim of Realizing a Decarbonized Society, and Begin Considering Business Development in Japan. [PDF](147KB)
Adopted “Agora”, a video calling and live-streaming SDK, to the Metaverse named “MECHA-VERSE” Simultaneous voice chat for thousands of people implemented [PDF](138KB)
Provide “Telecube” for 4 J-club teams 2-on-2 e-sports tournament, “Telecube Cup presented by V-cube” [PDF](222KB)
"V-CUBE Communication Map", a disaster prevention DX solution that supports real-time information sharing for the new era of building national resilience [PDF](295KB)
A remote on-site support system, “V-CUBE Collaboration” received the highest level of NETIS certification “VE” [PDF](170KB)
Soundproof private booth "Telecube" will be installed at JAL Diamond Premier Lounge for a limited time [PDF](132KB)
Telecube Services will start the Reservation and Use Service of “Telecube” through Tokyu’s Shared Office Business “New Work” on June 1st [PDF](211KB)
FY2022.Q1 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](3MB)
FY2022.Q1 Financial Results presentation slide [PDF](2MB)
FY2022.Q1 Financial Results [PDF](155KB)
Telecube Services and Brandear Have Teamed Up to Offer an Online Purchase Service [PDF](287KB)
V-cube launches "Green Meter" to visualize the CO2 reduction rate through online events for a decarbonized society [PDF](146KB)
V-cube will present "Meta Cube", a private VR space for a Phygital Reality Metaverse experience [PDF](138KB)
V-cube launches “Telecube for Public Spaces Corporate Flat-rate Plan”, a monthly flat-rate plan for the use of “Telecube” soundproof private booth in public spaces [PDF](305KB)
Announcement regarding Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation [PDF](107KB)
【Survey on the Third Place】 After the COVID 19 pandemic, more people seek "Third Place" not at home or office [PDF](284KB)
Telecube, with a cumulative installed units of over 7,700, won the No. 1 share of the soundproof private booths in the corporate market [PDF](205KB)
Notice of Convocation of the 22nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders [PDF](218KB)
Telecube Services has expanded private work spaces at Yokohama Landmark Tower and opened “Telecube Web Conference Center” [PDF](264KB)
V-cube realizes KEIO TECHNO-MALL (Keio Science and Technology Exhibition) for industry-government-academia collaboration with "EventIn" and contributes to creating matches that lead to joint research to the same degree as when the event is held at a real venue [PDF](190KB)
V-cube invests in Anifie, a start-up company for NFT metaverse in the U.S., and launches its services in Japan [PDF](179KB)
V-cube provides “Touchcast” for Illumina's large-scale online event for life science related parties to support them meet their branding requirements [PDF](213KB)
FY2021 Financial Results Briefing Document (Corrected on Feb 24,2022) [PDF](2MB)
(Correction and Revision of Numerical Data) Partial Correction of “Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2021” [PDF](496KB)
(Correction) Partial Correction of "FY2021 Financial Results Briefing Document” [PDF](397KB)
Announcement regarding the Introduction of Restricted Stock Compensation System [PDF](94KB)
Announcement regarding Change of Accounting Auditor [PDF](41KB)
Announcement regarding Dividend from Retained Earnings [PDF](89KB)
Announcement regarding Prospective Executive Appointments [PDF](39KB)
(Progress of Disclosure) Announcement regarding Acquisition of Xyvid Inc.and Borrowing of Funds [PDF](98KB)
V-cube Provides “V-CUBE Seminar” for “Mitani Information Fair” Held by MITANI SANGYO Co., Ltd. [PDF](210KB)
FY2021 Investor Meeting transcription [PDF](4MB)
FY2021 Presentation Video by CEO
FY2021 Financial Results Briefing Document [PDF](2MB)
Announcement regarding Recording of Extraordinary Losses (Impairment Loss) [PDF](32KB)
FY2021 Financial Results [PDF](208KB)
V-cube provides "EventIn" to Hiroshima prefecture to hold online events for free exchange between cities and towns in the hilly and mountainous areas and individuals and companies participating from all over Japan [PDF](123KB)
V-cube supports smooth operation of Airtech Japan product briefings, which doubled the expected number of visitors online [PDF](163KB)
V-cube launches the Virtual Office Platform “EventIn Workplace” [PDF](198KB)
V-cube launches "Event BCP Plan" to support the online continuation of events that are suddenly cancelled or postponed due to the re-spreading of infectious diseases [PDF](223KB)
V-cube begins providing communication services using the metaverse [PDF](159KB)
Revision of Forecast for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2021 and Medium-Term Management Plan [PDF](603KB)
Announcement regarding Revisions of Consolidated Business Forecast [PDF](40KB)
V-cube begins installation campaign to commemorate the broadcasting of the commercial message for its soundproof private booth “Telecube” [PDF](265KB)